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EAA HQ Mentioned Us!

EAA Chapter 237 was mentioned in EAA’s volunteer HQ news!
Read all about it, “Kermit Weeks Hangar Stays Busy During Winter Season”!
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January 2016 Newsletter

Chapter 237 January 2016 Newsletter

Tree of Hope Thank You!

We received a letter from the “Tree of Hope” Foundation Thanking EAA Chapter 237 for the December 2015 donation!
<—attached email–>
“Would you distribute the attached PDF file to all the Anoka EAA 237 members as my thank you for their incredible support of the Tree of Hope? My computers were in repair shop–one is still there– and then printer quit printing black, so decided technology didn’t like all this cold weather, so will use email before everything quits on me again. Would have liked to mail a thank you to each and every one.
We ended up short of toys, but thanks to your donations and generous checks we came close, and I made up the difference with some of the toys I had for the grandkids.. So please convey that every toy and dollar made a difference this year with the addition of four new hospitals, and they really count on us.
It was so great that so many of your members were able to fly in, volunteer, and share the excitement of the annual event. To possibly help us get more donations from companies for next year, I paid the fee to have Tree of Hope incorporated and classified as a 501(c)3 organization, so donations and expenses can now officially be declared tax deductible.
And would you tell Randy (I believe he was the one who donated the huge panda bear and was taking videos that day) that the bear’s GPS malfunctioned and he ended up at the Duluth hospital instead of Minneapolis-St. Paul? The panda was a big hit with the number of kids they unexpectedly received from many northern hospitals over the holidays.
Many, many thanks. Hope they enjoy the pictures!
Elaine Morrow”

vvv You can scroll the attached PDF vvv

Join us for Movie Night!!!
<—HEY! Click the ‘Movie Night’ logo for a video example of what we show from 5-7-pm before the main feature.


Big Screen Fun!!!
Take a moment and return to the golden days of the theater on the big screen. We have our chapter movie nights usually the 2nd Sunday of each month! This is a admission-free event with free food and drink. This is a BYOB event if you would like to bring a lawn chair to relax in you may. You can, if you desire, bring some of your own culinary treat or beverage to share. If you just want to enjoy a movie without bringing anything that’s fine as well, we are more than happy to have you attend. You do not need to be a chapter member to attend so bring a friend!

5pm – 7pm Videos, Documentaries and Project Updates
We have plenty of aviation related videos to watch, such as the monthly EAA’s headquarter videos magazine. Feel free to bring photos or videos on a USB flash drive device to share!

7pm – 9pm MAIN FEATURE Movie
Come and enjoy helping choose from some really great movie choices we have to offer. Recently we have added 30 new movies to the already large collection. With all the buzz about our working on the B-25 we could watch Catch-22.

For more info visit our ‘Chapter Movie Night’ page

What will the next movie be? Come by and find out!
Haven’t attended yet… what’s keeping you? Hope to see you there!

EAA Chapter 237 is now on Twitter! @EAA237

Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets”. Registered users can read and post tweets, but those who are unregistered can only read them. Users access Twitter through the website interface, SMS or mobile device app.

EAA Chapter 237 Twitter Page

Tip of the Day

Making this or any webpage more readable if it appears to small.
When using a PC you can enlarge Chapter 237′s website, Facebook, YouTube or any website by using the following key combination below. While holding the control key “CTRL” try the following:

“CTRL” “+” Enlarges the screen size (closer & easier to read)
“CTRL” “-” Reduces the screen size (more screen at once visible)
“CTRL” “0″ Quickly returns to default size
“CTRL” + “Turn mouse wheel” Enlarges or reduces screen size depending on which way you turn the wheel while holding the “CTRL” key.

This is the same effect as on a phone, tablet or touch screen PC when you “pinch and zoom” with two finger. On those devices simply press two fingers on your screen at once and separate or pinch them together to change the screen size.

Website Updates

I have changed everything on the Chapter 237 website over the long weekend. Have fun exploring the site! –Randy Delfel

Take a moment to log into your profile in “Member Profiles” and add more info and a picture of your project or yourself! Chapter members can now look up phone numbers and other info about each other in this secure area (not publicly accessible) section. Click on the ‘Chapter Members Only’ section on the right-side panel to log-in and access the content.

All newsletters dating back to 2010 are available for download (and now viewable on iPhones) in the “Newsletter Archive” page located in the “Chapter Members Only” area. Click on the ‘Chapter Members Only’ section on the right-side panel to log-in and access the content.

Very soon I will be handing the “keys” over to Alec Wojciechowski, your new “Social Media Admin / Webmaster / Host Master” for the chapter. I am working at making that transition as easy as possible and taking the time to do some of the things that have been on my list over the last few months for the website.

–Thanks, Randy Delfel

Lyle thought you would enjoy seeing this YouTube video. It was started by two brothers as a place to show their hobby. Soon they were joined by other ‘Model Railroad Clubs’ and other craftsmen. Some were electricians, model makers, Carpenters, computer programmers. Their latest finished area is the airport. Planes look like they are flying and landing.

Click here to start video FULL SCREEN mode , it will open in a new tab, just close it to return when you are finished!

…or click on the video below if you don’t want full screen mode.

Below is the list of your new Chapter 237 leadership team for 2016 and 2017:

Chapter 237 Board Members:
President: Kirk Fjetland
Vice President: Josh Welter
Secretary: Kevin Sislo
Treasurer: Mark Heule
Board Member #1: Mark German
Board Member #2: David Peterson

Chapter 237 Volunteer Positions:
Communication Officer: Kirk Fjetland
Eagle Flight ‘Mentor Pilot’ Chairman: Robert Heavirland
Young Eagles Chairman: Curt Stoltz
Young Eagles Safety Officer: David Peterson
Membership Chairperson: Nancy Carter
Newsletter Chief Editor: Josh Welter
Newsletter Co-Editor/Reporter: Lyle Peterson
Webmaster, Host Master, Social Media Admin: Alec Wojciechowski
Video Production (for YouTube & Facebook): Randy Delfel
Program Chairman (chapter meetings): Kirk Fjetland
Movie Night Coordinator: Randy Delfel
Shop Coordinator (B25 Only): Curt Stoltz
Shop Coordinator #1: Alan Eke
Shop Coordinator #2: Bill Taft
Food Coordinator Fly-in Breakfast: Robert Heavirland
Coffee & Cookie Coordinator: Jack Smith
Refrigerator Soda Delivery Man: Dick McKenney

Go to the Chapter Contacts to find more out info.

Please join the EAA Chapter 237 annual Christmas party and Awards Dinner on Monday, December 28th, starting at 6:00pm at the chapter hangar for good food, great friends and aviation fun!

The chapter will be providing the main entrée (ham & turkey), but we ask that you bring some edible goodies (hot dish, salad, dessert, etc.) to share. We will have door prizes and great fun!! Your family and friends are invited!

Santa Bob and his elves are busy getting ready for the big day, but need to know if you’re going to be naughty or nice.
Hope to see you there!!!

December 2015 Newsletter

Chapter 237 December 2015 Newsletter

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Pilots Bill of Rights 2

If you are in favor of no medical required for the type of flying most general aviation pilots fly, then please read the below.

We have a request from Jim Coon at AOPA to please phone the office of the Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Rep. Bill Shuster, at 202-225-9446, and ask to give something similar to the following statement:
“I’m calling today to urge Chairman Shuster to help pass the Pilots Bill of Rights 2 before Congress adjourns on Friday. This bill has already passed the Senate by unanimous consent. The bill has 152 bipartisan cosponsors in the House including every Republican on the T&I Committee! General Aviation needs this bill! Thank you.”
Please, please take a moment to make this important phone call TODAY.

MOVIE NIGHT is this SUNDAY night at the chapter hangar!

Free popcorn, pop, hot cocoa, coffee and other goodies are served.
Make sure you attend or you will be missing out on some good times!

Just added another 30 movie choices to the list of movies!

Event starts at 5pm with videos, photos and shows
Main movie starts at 7pm and goes until finished.

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